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Russian Falconry: Hawk vs. Coyote [VIDEO]

This is some epic Russian falconry: Hawk vs. coyote. 

We know that coyotes are predators and can damage the balance of our game populations. But most of have never thought to train a hawk to take on the coyotes.

Training a hawk to take on a coyote is exactly what one man in Russia did. Here is what Russian falconry looks like: Hawk vs. coyote.

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While watching a hawk vs. a coyote is awesome enough, the Russian hunter with his rabbit-fur hat, and the music overlay are absolutely perfect to make this video epic.

All in all it seems like an outstanding idea. While most of us don’t have a trained hawk at home, for anyone who does, training it to take on coyotes seems like a logical next move.

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Russian Falconry: Hawk vs. Coyote [VIDEO]