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This Russian Diver’s Hand is Stuck Inside a Monkfish [VIDEO]

We’re not going to make a joke about something “smelling fishy,” but we’re pretty sure this guy’s friends will for a while.

You ever have one of those days where where you get your hand stuck inside a Monkfish? No? Well, us neither. But this guy certainly has.

The diver in the video above appears to have met with the Monkfish in question while checking a clam net while diving. They’re speaking Russian, so it’s safe to assume this happened in Russia, or at least off a coast of Eastern Europe.

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The diver and his friends try several methods to get the Monkfish off: a 2X4, a metal pipe, and a filleting knife. Finally, after several painful minutes, it relents.

Monkfish usually live along the Western coast of the Atlantic, can thrive at depths anywhere between 50 and 3000 feet, and are ugly as sin. Despite the fish’s appearance, they actually make pretty good eating; their tails are particularly meaty, and tend to end up on tables throughout the Pacific Northwest.

They’re also referred to as “Devil Fish,” supposedly because of their appearance, although if you asked the diver in this video, you might get a different, much more colorful explanation.

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This Russian Diver’s Hand is Stuck Inside a Monkfish [VIDEO]