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Russian Bridge Workers Attacked by Brown Bear Mother [VIDEO]

If you didn't know to leave bear cubs alone, you will after watching this video.

Most outdoorsmen tend to understand animal behavior better than most. Outdoorsmen also know some very common rules of nature; such as to never mess with bear cubs because the mother might be close by.

In this video from John Johnson, several Russian bridge workers are watching a few brown bear cubs get a little aggressive with their dog. Laughs were even heard from some of the crew as their dog and one of the cubs squared off.

We can't confirm that anyone was killed, but it's hard to believe they got off without any harm.

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If you are like me, my stomach jumped right about the 40 second mark when the mother showed up to defend her cubs. Her body language just screams she means business.

Let this video be a reminder of what can happen when messing with wild animals, especially mother bears and their cubs.

Several unconfirmed reports state that of the five man crew, three of them lost their lives along with the dog. The other two men were hospitalized. Again, these reports are unconfirmed and originating from another country. Some reports even say this video is somehow hoaxed.

Either way, let's just pray they are all alright.

What are your thoughts?

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Russian Bridge Workers Attacked by Brown Bear Mother [VIDEO]