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Russian Bear Stuck Under Van Is Really Pissed When He Gets Free [VIDEO]

A Russian couple comes upon a large bear stuck under a van trying desperately to back out from underneath. Once he gets free he is not a happy camper. 

I don’t know Russian so I am not sure what the people in the car are talking about as they watch a huge bear try to wriggle its way out from underneath a van.

I also don’t know if the van hit the bear while driving, if there are people in the van, or if the bear was just trying to get something underneath.

The Russians watching this all play out are genuinely distressed. Once the bear finally backs itself out from under the van, nearly overturning the 4,000-pound vehicle, is when all hell breaks loose.

That is one hysteric Russian lady.

But rightly so because that bear is seeing red. Once he gets free from under the van he takes his anger out on anything nearby, starting with the van’s tire. Then he must hear the shrill cries coming from inside the car and he turns his attention there, realizing there are people watching him rage.

The driver quickly reverses as the bear charges in the headlights and the woman shrieks.

This video induces high anxiety, to say the least. This is yet another example of the brute strength a pissed-off bear has.

Luckily, everything ended up alright for everyone in this video-the Russian couple didn’t get mauled and the bear got free from under the van.

It’s just going to take me a few hours to stop the ringing in my ears from the screaming.

UPDATE: Apparently the van did hit the bear when it got stuck underneath. An investigation is taking place on a potential animal cruelty charge. According to RT, the Russians in the car were saying that they need a knife to finish the bear off or a stick to rape the bear.

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Russian Bear Stuck Under Van Is Really Pissed When He Gets Free [VIDEO]