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In Russia, We Use Car for Boat. More Easy. [VIDEO]

They do things only a little bit differently in Russia, like use their cars as boats. 

How do you get your boat across a river without a car ferry?

Just drive it across.

Just another dreary day in Russia.

The guys crossing the river in the car give the guys in the real boat a good laugh for the day.

As the car drives up on shore, blasting Euro pop music, everyone is grinning.

I don’t understand much Russian but I’m pretty sure they were all amazed the car was able to run under water (comments on YouTube will debate over the carburetor and exhaust pipe until the cows come home). That gesture in the end was made in amazement at how high the water was.

Using your car as a boat may be a good fishing technique if you turn down the pop bass.

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In Russia, We Use Car for Boat. More Easy. [VIDEO]