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Time for a Sneak Peek at the New Smith & Wesson M2.0 Line

Breaking News: The M&P line from Smith & Wesson is getting a serious makeover.

Back in August the rumor mill started churning about an upgrade to the M&P line from Smith and Wesson. They were calling it the M2.0. As a flagship line for the popular manufacturer, this perked up our ears. While it caught the attention of the handgun world, most filed it in the “maybe someday” category. Well, for polymer gun fans that someday has finally arrived.

Soldier Systems M2.0
Soldier Systems

On top of improvements in the style category, the M2.0 is loaded with features:

  • Striker-fired action with 17-round capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant Armornite finish
  • Four (4) interchangable palm swell grip inserts
  • M&P M2.0 Trigger
  • Steel-white sights
The Firearm Blog
The Firearm Blog

Photos have been released showing the new guns also available in black. Photos shown include 9mm options and .40 S&W, of course.

The Firearm Blog
The Firearm Blog

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Time for a Sneak Peek at the New Smith & Wesson M2.0 Line