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The Rugged Camper’s Wish List

There is a world of difference between a person who likes to spend a few nights at a local campground each summer and a person who heads out to the most rugged and remote spots he or she can find to get a camping fix. We call the latter person a “rugged camper,” and if you are shopping for one of these types this holiday season, you may have your work cut out for you.

This kind of camper can’t be satisfied by a basic nylon tent or a cotton sleeping bag you picked up at the local department store. No, this person needs the warmest, most durable gear out there, meaning that their Christmas or Hanukah wish list is probably full of expensive stuff. The good news is that a lot of the items on a rugged camper’s list are built to last a lifetime, so at least you will only have to buy them once.

Alaska Tent & Tarp Arctic Oven: If you see this item on the wish list for a loved one this holiday season, you can rest assured that they have a taste for the rugged camping experience. This tent might just be the ultimate tent, with a built-in interior stove, a condensation-proof design, a huge and roomy interior, and a durable exterior built to withstand heavy winds and cold temperatures. That’s not to say this tent is only meant for use in the Arctic, however. Screen windows and a full ventilation system make this tent a self-described “true four season tent.” Be careful though: the price of $2,190 might well take up your entire holiday budget.

rugged - tentPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Ultimate Survival Technologies SaberCut Saw: Say goodbye to the days of dull, hard to maneuver handsaws. Rugged campers need something that can cut fast and reliably, whether they are chopping firewood or cutting their way through a thick wooded area. This hand operated chain saw can cut from any angle, even if you have no clearance space to maneuver, and boasts a nylon design that helps fight tangles.

rugged - ultimatePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Texsport Folding Survival Shovel with Saw: If you’re hewing close to a tight budget, then this all-in-one package may suit your purposes perfectly. A shovel for digging firepits or tent foundations is essential for a rugged camper, and the saw concealed in the handle helps make the $15 tool brilliantly versatile.

rugged - shovelPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Ascend Mummy Sleeping Bags: Ascend’s line of thermal “mummy” sleeping bags is perfect for the rugged camper. The bags range in price, depending on the temperature they are designed for use in. For instance, the 10-degree bag is $90, while the -40-degree bag is $120. They’re worth the price for keeping the rugged camping enthusiast on your list warm in even the harshest camping conditions.

rugged - sleepingbagPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops High Output Propane Grill and Stove: At $89.99, this highly portable stove and grill is perfect for campsite cooking or water heating. The stovetops produce 12,000 BTU, fueled by replaceable propane tanks. A pressure regulator even allows campers to adjust the energy flow depending on the altitude at which they are camping.

rugged - grillPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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The Rugged Camper’s Wish List