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The Ruger SR22: Everything You Wanted to Know

This pistol offering from Ruger presents a reliable and fun option for .22 Long Rifle.

The .22 long rifle is a very well known and popular caliber among the shooting community. It’s a great caliber for kids just learning to shoot, for varmint hunting, and for adults wanting to keep their shooting skills honed but not spend a lot of money.

During the Great Ammo Drought of 2013, for some, .22 LR was the only way they could afford to shoot and train. Some use it regularly when learning a new technique before moving to a center fire round during training.

Any way you look at it, .22 LR is a caliber that had many, many uses. So you need a good gun to shoot it from.

Enter the pistol offering from Ruger, the SR22 pistol. While modeled after the Walther P22, it has many differences that set it apart from the P22. Part of the SR family of guns, this little gun packs some very nice features that will make it a great gun to own for anyone.

Design and Specs

Presented to the world in January of 2012, the SR22 is a .22 long rifle caliber straight blowback design pistol that uses a fixed 3.5 in barrel like the Walther P22 and the Smith and Wesson M&P22.

It comes with two 10 round magazines that also include the optional pinky extension magazine baseplates. The SR22 is 6.5 inches long and weighs about 17 ounces. It has a polymer frame and black anodized aluminum slide.

Like the Sig Sauer P226 and other Sig models, it has a decocking mechanism to drop the hammer but has a single/double action trigger and the external hammer can be cocked by hand to allow the user to use it in single action mode. It also has a magazine disconnect and hammer blocker for a safety. The gun is equipped with standard open iron 3 dot sights.



The nice thing about the SR22 is, like the M&P22, it has the same grip angle and controls as its big brothers. This makes the gun a perfect substitute for training with a cheaper caliber.

Working on trigger control and live fire drills with the SR22 is cheaper and there’s less recoil to deal with. The .22 is also a fun round to use to introduce new shooters to the sport. By using a pistol like the SR22, they are training to use a larger caliber firearm with ammo that won’t beat them up and scare them away.

Once they are ready to move up in caliber, the transition to a new firearm will be made easier as they are already familiar with the controls. Competition shooters will gain a benefit from using the SR22 if they use another SR as their primary competition gun. The SR22 will fit the same holsters and allow them to practice draws and first shots, again not breaking the bank.

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As you can see, the SR22 is a great option for both old and new shooters alike. It offers versatility and fun in a compact and cheaper package.

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The Ruger SR22: Everything You Wanted to Know