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The Ruger LC9s: Everything You Wanted To Know


The LC9s is a wonderful upgrade from the original LC9.

What do cellphones and firearms have in common?

Until recently, everyone wanted smaller and faster cellphones. Easier to use and small enough to fit in a pocket, the smaller the cellphone the better.

In today's firearms industry, the same thing applies. Concealed carriers and shooters are looking for the next smaller, more reliable, most comfortable firearm to conceal. If you can put it in a pocket, it's the next must have on a shooter's wishlist.

Not everyone can carry a fullsize firearm for protect all the time, so a smaller and concealable pocket gun is looked at as a very viable alternative.

They heard you

Sturm, Ruger and Co as been one of those manufacturers listening to those folks. Releasing the original LC9 pistol in 2011 as a small, concealable pocket gun, they recently released the LC9s version to the market. Keeping with the small and lightweight profile of the original, this new version has fixed a lot of the complaints from users of the first LC9.

Moss Pawn and Guns


Since the LC9s is just an upgrade of the LC9, a lot of the same design features are still there.

Just like its predecessor, it is a recoil operated, locked breach double action only firearm. Chambered in 9mm Luger, it comes with one 7 round magazine with the pinky extension plate. It has a three-inch barrel, measures six inches over all in length and weighs about 17 ounces.

The LC9s has a black polymer frame and a blued steel alloy slide and barrel. It also has a manual external safety. It also has the magazine disconnect, so the pistol won't fire when a magazine is not seated.


There is where the similarities in features stop. One of the biggest changes from the LC9 is they dropped the internal key activated lock. Instead of an internal hammer for a firing mechanism, the LC9s is a striker fired pistol.

Because of this, Ruger has incorporated a trigger firing block pin safety lever like those found on other striker fired pistols such as Glock and Smith and Wesson.

Another great change the user will see is a new trigger group. The trigger pull on the original LC9 was horrible. It felt like you were pulling forever on the trigger before it finally fired. With the new striker, they have smoothed out the trigger pull and it is much shorter, lighter and crisper then before.

This firearm was definitely designed with the concealed carry market in mind. This is not designed as a target pistol, but decent groups can be had with the supplied 3 dot sights. The sights are adjustable for windage.

Slim, small and lightweight, Ruger has continued to make upgrades to an already great firearm with the LC9s.

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Ruger has hit a home run in the personal defense market by by bringing an upgraded trigger, a whole new firing mechanism and new safety features once again proving that great things can come in small packages.

Especially if you can stick them in a pocket.

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The Ruger LC9s: Everything You Wanted To Know