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Ruger Introduces Two New Big-Bore Revolvers [VIDEO]

ruger super blackhawk

Ruger has just released two single-action, big-bore revolvers that will take any game on the planet.

These new Super Blackhawks are the first production, five-shot, big-bore revolvers available to sportsmen the world over.

Until now, getting such a weapon required a custom-made gun costing upwards of $2,000. Ruger has, once again, changed the game.

The two calibers, 454 Casull and 480 Ruger, have been proven capable of stopping grizzly charges and killing the largest elephants in Africa. They can fire 300-grain bullets at 1700 fps, or 410-grainers over 1200 fps, respectively. This is a large step up over the now-puny 44 Magnum.

The new guns both feature 6.5-inch barrels and adjustable sights. Ruger has used a new, tougher steel for the cylinders, which now feature recessed case heads--a nice touch uncommon on production revolvers. These big-bore revolvers hold five shots instead of the typical six; this allows more steel to surround the cartridge, which more safely controls the high pressure of the magnum rounds.

Also new to these models are a locking base pin secured with a screw instead of a detent to hold up under heavy recoil. In addition, Ruger has used a new, longer ejector rod to more cleanly eject spent cases out of the cylinder. The Bisley grip frame on these guns is widely known to be the best for heavy-recoil. These revolvers are built right.

The only question that remains is, which one to choose? 454 Casull is a hotter round and can generate more velocity. It can also shoot 45 Colt cartridges for cheaper practice. The 480 Ruger can shoot larger, heavier bullets, and the slightly lower velocities will dish out less punishment to the shooter's hand.

Either big-bore revolver would make a great companion in grizzly country, or as a primary hunting weapon in Africa, Alaska, or Australia.

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Ruger Introduces Two New Big-Bore Revolvers [VIDEO]