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Ruger ARX Ammo: Ruger’s First-Ever Ammunition! [VIDEO]

ruger polycase ammunition

Before Ruger ARX, the brand had never been involved in actually producing ammunition. 

Ruger has partnered with PolyCase to bring a completely new style of ammo to the market.

They call it “the next generation of self defense,” and judging by its looks, the description is apt.

At the heart of Ruger ARX ammunition is PolyCase’s bulleta potentially revolutionary design. Those flutes or “wings” are designed to harness the powerful rotation of the bullet to disrupt flesh without the need for expansion, all while feeding like a round nose in semi-automatics.

Furthermore, the bullet is not jacketed but rather made of injection-molded copper and resin. This means the bullets are much lighter for their size, and can be driven to velocities rarely seen in pistol calibers. For example, the 9mm is rated at over 1,500 fps!

It’s worth noting that the gel test in the video above is not actually Ruger ammo, but it is the PolyCase ARX bullet shot from a 9mm. The wound channel looks impressive, especially for a non-expanding bullet.

Prices seem to be in line with other premium self-defense rounds; plan on somewhere around $1 per shot.

Ruger is starting off with versions in 380, 9mm, 40, and 45ACP. This is certainly something to watch closely, and it will be interesting to see where Ruger ARX ammo goes from here!

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Ruger ARX Ammo: Ruger’s First-Ever Ammunition! [VIDEO]