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Ruger Announces New Designs For Old Pistols

Charging ahead with new designs, Ruger has some new/old .22 offerings.

In 2007, Ruger introduced a line of pistols that became fast favorites of the .22 LR Crowd: the 22 Charger pistol. These pistols were engineered after the reliable 10/22 rifle platform and had the same reliable trigger group, action and rotary magazine design as the rifle.

In fact all the parts (trigger group and magazine) from the 10/22 rifle would fit the Charger pistols. Unfortunately, because of the design of some of the components, it was not available in all U.S. states. At some later point, it was quietly discontinued.

Fast forward to December 2014. Sturm, Ruger & Company announced that they are releasing two new versions of the venerable pistol.

3-Gun Nation


Re-Engineered 22 Charger

The first version announced by Ruger is the newly re-engineered 22 Charger. Based on the original, this pistol has some pretty great upgrades. It has the new BX-Trigger trigger group, a A2-style pistol grip just like on most AR Pattern Rifles allowing you to customize the grip with any MSR grip you like, a brown laminate stock and a factory installed Picatinny rail on the matte black receiver.

Weighing in at just 3.25 poiunds, the pistol is 19.25 inches in length over all with a 10-inch precision barrel that is threaded at the end to accept most muzzle accessories, like a suppressor. The threads are a 1/2-inch-28 thread pattern.

3-Gun Nation


22 Charger Takedown

The second Charger offering they announced is the new 22 Charger Takedown version, modeled after the popular 10/22 Takedown. Even though the pistol is already short and doesn’t take up much room, this model of the Charger will allow you to store the pistol in an even smaller footprint. Having all the same upgrades as the Charger mentioned above, this one also has the ability to break down near where the barrel and receiver meet.

Just like on the 10/22 Takedown Rifle, by pushing on a recessed lever and twisting the barrel assembly and receiver assemblies, the pistol can be pulled apart for storage or transport. The Charger Takedown comes in a Green Mountain Laminate stock.

Both model Chargers also come with the BX-15 Magazine, a 15 round version of the popular BX-25, 25 round magazine, and a bi-pod for the fore-end of the pistol. The BX-15 is just the right height when shooting from the bi-pod, either at the bench or prone. The BX-15 can also be used in any 10/22 rifle model, Ruger 77/22 and Ruger American Rimfire rifles chambered in .22 LR, as well as any magazines from the 10/22 can be used in the Charger. The included bi-pod attaches easily to the fore-end of both models.

For fans of the original Charger, or even new devotees to the Ruger Rimfire firearms, these are a must have for any .22 LR shooter. Small, sleek, feature packed and just as reliable as the original offering, these pistols are loaded with a ton of great features, ready for fun.

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Ruger Announces New Designs For Old Pistols