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Ruger Announces 3 Innovative New .22 Models


A new rimfire revolver, semi-automatic pistol, and semi-automatic rifle are coming from the iconic gun maker.

Ruger is a great American firearm manufacturer, and they are constantly innovating. Last time around, they introduced two new big-bore revolvers, giving customers something they had been requesting for years. This new announcement is no different.

The first, and possibly most innovative new offering from Ruger is a 10-shot (!), .22 Long Rifle revolver. It is built on their mid-sized GP100 frame, fitted with a cylinder with more holes than a block of pumice. (I wonder if this much capacity is legal in New York and California?)


The .22 has a 5.5″ barrel, weighs in at 42 ounces, and has a fantastic fiber-optic green front sight. (Red fiber optic is garbage; green is by far the brightest!) They’ve also utilized a lighter mainspring in the GP, giving a better trigger pull. Retail is $829.

Next up in the rimfire category is a modification to Ruger’s popular SR22 pistol. They’ve taken the original lightweight plinker and added a longer barrel and slide, for more easy-shooting accuracy.

Now with a 4.5″ tube, this new model still weighs in at under 19 ounces, and has more sight radius and less recoil and blast (.22s from a pistol are LOUD!). Adjustable sights and two different size grips are still standard on this $439, can-shooting machine.


The last new rimfire from Ruger is a very interesting new take on the venerable 10/22. This is a Takedown equipped with a threaded, 16.10″ bull barrel. The short length is perfect, since .22 LR ammo doesn’t gain any speed from longer barrels, and shorter is lighter (5.5 lbs, even with 0.910″ bull barrel) and more maneuverable (overall length is 34.6″). Threading is perfect for suppressors (which will hopefully be much more accessible soon).

The rifle comes apart with a simple press of a lever, then twisting it in two, making it perfect for travel. Included are 2 different-height combs for the stock, a scope base, extended magazine release, and carry case. Suggested retail is $629.

This latest round of innovative .22s is even more proof that Ruger is moving forward and giving customers better options every year.


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Ruger Announces 3 Innovative New .22 Models