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Ruffed Grouse Does His Thing to Start a Commotion

It’s karaoke time in the forest. Stepping onto the stage is one excited ruffed grouse, who’s about to kick things off with Start the Commotion.

The spectacle of drumming season in a grouse woods is not to be missed. It’s an energetic though not exactly “musical” – at least to human ears – exhibition of love and desire (for grouse, that is).

Until now! This grouse steps up to the log and gives it his all to attract any hens who might be in the room, and he does so to the high energy vibe of “Start the Commotion” by The Wiseguys.

“Start the Commotion” was a hit for The Wiseguys back in 1998. I’m not sure what tunes I’d put to a video of a ruffed grouse drumming, but this one works.

No word on whether any lady grouse were swayed by this feathered fellow’s showy performance.



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Ruffed Grouse Does His Thing to Start a Commotion