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Rude Awakening: Bear Break in at 2 in the Morning [VIDEO]

No one likes to be disturbed when they're sleeping, especially by a bear break in.

This home video surveillance footage captures the young man's peaceful slumber before the bear break in and the events that followed.

I thought it was the wind that blew the door open. I knew it was a bear when I saw the glowing eyes...

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We've all been woken up to a strange noise in the middle of the night, but it's not too often that it's a bear inside your home. The guy on the couch jumps up and realizes very quickly that he is not alone, and not only is something in the house with him, but it's a bear!

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Fortunately, the bear did not come into the home more than just peeking his head in out of curiosity, and the guy that was so rudely woken up was able to get the door shut without any further danger.

I'd say a bear break in will wake you up better than a cup of coffee any day...

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Rude Awakening: Bear Break in at 2 in the Morning [VIDEO]