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The Rubber Band Glock: ‘A Very Dangerous Test’ [VIDEO]

Ever wonder what a rubber band block would look like?

This guys puts rubber bands over the muzzle of a loaded glock and tests to see if it will still fire.

Watch as he adds more and more rubber bands, creating what he calls the “rubber band glock test.”

After adding two bands, the rubber band glock still went back into battery and seemed to function fine. Next he adds four and it still was not enough to stop the glock.

When adding six or eight, the round didn’t even extract. From then on, this guy had to manually load the chamber for each firing.

Remember what this guy said about putting even one rubber band on the glock, “It’s kinda dangerous to do this at all.”

Now you know about the rubber band glock, and you’ll never have to try this at home.

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The Rubber Band Glock: ‘A Very Dangerous Test’ [VIDEO]