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Rowing a Dory Down the Grand Canyon [VIDEO]

It takes years to get to the boating level to maneuver a dory down the Grand Canyon. 

Rowing a wooden dory down the rapids of the Grand Canyon isn’t like rowing a rubber raft. The dory is like the Ferrari on the river and only the most skilled boatmen can take a dory safely down the Grand Canyon.

Maneuvering a dory down these rapids is “considered by some as the most coveted job in the world.”

Some boatmen have been proving themselves for 20 years before able to successfully row a dory down the Grand Canyon.

Check out this video produced YETI coolers.

Amber Shannon has been river guiding for nine years and is still rowing the baggage boat on trips. But days on the water is what she strives for.

“I really wanted to row little wooden boats down big rapids with big canyon walls. That was the life dream.”

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Rowing a Dory Down the Grand Canyon [VIDEO]