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Would You Round up Rattlesnakes for a Living? These Guys Do


Go behind the scenes of the Sweetwater, Texas Rattlesnake Round-Up.

Every year, the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round-Up collects about 5,000 pounds worth of rattlesnakes as a population control method. The snakes are displayed for the public and then butchered for their meat and skins.

National Geographic went behind the scenes of the roundup and produced an interesting little video about it.

It’s pretty crazy how rattlesnakes can make for such a large event. One thing you can say about anyone who rounds up rattlesnakes for a living, their job is certainly never boring!

While I do like snakes and have no problems handling non-venomous ones, I don’t think snake wrangling would be for me. I just liken it too much to playing with fire. Eventually, you’re going to get burned. I have to imagine some of these guys, no matter how careful they are, have been bitten before.

So what do you think? Is a career change as a rattlesnake wrangler in your future?



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Would You Round up Rattlesnakes for a Living? These Guys Do