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Roosterfish with Odd Markings Caught Off Baja’s East Cape Coast

A roosterfish with unusual dark splotches on its body was caught on Sunday in the Baja.

Roosterfish are one of the most visually striking game fish in the ocean. They have bluish-silver bodies that are covered in broad dark silver stripes and distinctive comb-like dorsal fins.

This is a normal rooster fish:

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image via Wikimedia Commons

So, the news of an oddly colored rooster fish that was caught a few days ago off Baja’s East Cape region has caught the sport fishing world’s attention.

According to Pete Thomas Outdoors, anglers aboard the Jen Wren, caught and released a 40 to 50 pound rooster fish that was covered in dark splotches, its stripes were missing, and its tail-fin appeared worn.

Image via Pete Thomas Outdoors

Mark Raynor, who operators the Jen Wren with his wife Jennifer Raynor, said the fish ate a Spanish mackerel and was hooked in about 60 feet of water.

Raynor’s crew said the blotches were from odd pigmentation, and that there weren’t any visible growths on its body. They didn’t know why the fish’s tail was worn.

A roosterfish with similar markings was caught a few years ago in the same region by fly-fishing guide Lance Peterson. He recently posted this photo of the fish to his Facebook page.

Image via Facebook

“Truly the oddest looking roosterfish I’ve ever seen,” Peterson wrote on his Facebook page. “This solid specimen fought hard and swam away strong. However, it’s appearance would indicate it wasn’t in the best of health.”

What do you think caused this strange discoloration? Why do you think its tail fin was worn? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Roosterfish with Odd Markings Caught Off Baja’s East Cape Coast