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“Roooooster” Video Captures the Awesomeness of a Pheasant Hunt

A pheasant hunt is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s captured on film like this.

We came across this video a short while back, and had to reach out to the creators to find out more about this fascinating footage.

The video, titled “Roooooster” after the call hunting party members shout to each other as they sight a target bird, uses GoPro cameras in some unique ways, and truly portrays what makes bird hunting so great.

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Jake Farmer from Olive Media responded to our inquiry, and gave us this info:

“My father in-law, Dan Krouse, has organized this annual pheasant hunt to Outdoor Obsessions for the past 5-6 years with a combination of friends, family, and coworkers. Outdoor Obsessions is owned by Erik Vrbas. He converted a retirement home into a lodge that accommodates up to 20 hunters.”

This particular hunt with Outdoor Obsessions happened just before Christmas in Downs, Kansas. Check out the short film, and continue reading Farmer’s commentary below.

Farmer told us there were a total of 4 roosters per hunter taken each day of a weekend trip, totaling 52 on the first day and  48 on the second. That’s pretty impressive, almost as much as the footage quality, especially that shotgun-mounted GoPro scene. We’ll let Farmer explain:

“We picked up two GoPros over the summer and found a site online ( thats sells a shotgun mount. It works really well and provides for some great shots. I think the best thing about GoPros is how they put the viewer right into the action. When watching the clips taken with the shotgun mount, it almost feels as if you, the viewer, are holding the gun yourself, very much like a video game. When I film hunts for these guys I’m always solo, [and] the GoPros not only provides additional angles, but they add unique angles that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to capture.”

So how, exactly, did he get so good at filming hunts? Farmer gave us an answer that made us proud to be involved in a sport that can attract different kinds of people, whether they’re avid hunters or not:

“I have been around hunting my entire life, but I don’t actually hunt myself. My passion is videography, so for the last few years I’ve followed my friends and family around making videos for them. My wife’s dad and brothers are huge hunters, and I have really enjoyed getting involved. I typically go on 3-4 duck hunts each year with them but this was my first trip to Outdoor Obsessions.”

Great stuff from Olive Media and Outdoor Obsessions, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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“Roooooster” Video Captures the Awesomeness of a Pheasant Hunt