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Angler Catches Largest Yellowfin Ever Recorded in Queensland

This Queensland rookie fisherman's catch of the provence's largest yellowfin proves sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Jason Ebbett hauled in a massive 187 pound yellowfin tuna, estimated to  be worth about $3,000, on his first trip ever fishing the Queensland, Australia area.

This giant tuna beat the previous record by nearly 44 pounds. Luckily for fishermen everywhere, Ebbett is an avid fisherman and just recently joined a fishing association that allowed him access to fish for game species in Queensland waters.


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On the same trip where this record fish was caught, three other yellowfin were also hauled in and divided up among the ten person crew.

The Queensland Game Fishing Association did confirm that this yellowfin, was in fact, the largest ever caught in the provence's history books.

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Angler Catches Largest Yellowfin Ever Recorded in Queensland