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Romantic Camping: 3 Dreamy Glamping Ideas

You and your loved one should give these glamping ideas a try.

Hikes and backpacking aren’t typically thought of as romantic, but with the right preparation, you can make your time in the great outdoors a romantic getaway.

Lay out in the twilight as the stars twinkle overhead. Stand on mountain tops that look out over miles of wilderness. Take a swim in a glacier lake when the sun beats down on the rocks that line the lake. Now imagine all this with the person you love more than anyone else. Use a theme to make your next camping trip special with these tips.

Bed & Breakfast

Just because you slept in a tent last night, doesn’t mean you can’t make your partner breakfast in the morning. This theme is all about the details of presentation. Take a cooler like an Amerihome Retro styled one, for eggs, bacon and other perishable foods. A wood cutting board and matching utensils make a great canvas on which to plate breakfast. Though they are fragile, ceramic mugs please the eye.

Brew up some coffee with a Bialetti, and carry a Bluetooth speaker like the Marshall Stanmore which links to your smartphone for the best mood music in the morning.


If you want a Euro-themed camping trip, check out the trails near Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth is a Bavarian-style town with a host of hikes, campsites and themed attractions. While out on the trail, plan a Euro-themed brunch.

Make eggs and toast on a camp stove, slice a baguette and take a wedge of brie. While beer isn’t traditional for brunch in the United States, Europeans drink a beer with breakfast regularly. Pack Guinness Nitro IPA for a taste of Ireland. While Guinness is famous for its traditional stout, they’ve perfected the art of nitrogenation, which creates a silky, smooth texture that compliments the floral bite of an IPA.

Pickup Glamping

Glamping has become part of popular culture, but truck bed glamping is still unique. A hike isn’t required for you and your loved one to enjoy nature. If you own a truck use the bed for. . . a bed. While this is essentially a form of car camping, you can make it special and romantic with your attention to detail.

First, lay down a rug in the back of your truck. This protects your mattress. Sheets, blankets, pillows, and other bedroom luxuries that make you and your partner feel at home create a romantic atmosphere. Some people have even brought miniature bedside tables.

Hang a mosquito net from a tree that covers the bed of your truck. This is at once functional and gives the whole experience a quaint feel. This kind of camping allows you more freedom with amenities, such as a larger camp stove, a larger variety of food, a candle lit dinner, and campfire comforts. Park your truck at the edge of a field, on the bank of a river or even on a mountain road with a lookout view.

Fall asleep with your significant other. Enjoy the stars and the sounds of a river, all while in the comfort of your own bed.

This is a great way to touch nature and keep the luxuries you love.


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Romantic Camping: 3 Dreamy Glamping Ideas