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'Roided Out Kangaroo Intimidates Brisbane Neighborhood

A kangaroo that looks like it has taken a few too many steroids has made itself comfortable in a Brisbane neighborhood intimidating residents. 

A "big boy" of a kangaroo has made itself at home in a small urban residence in Brisbane.

Although he is not acting particularly aggressive, he is making residents a bit wary.

This kangaroo stands at six and a half feet and has some impressive pectorals. Is that a four-pack?

But like many "bros," maybe he's just misunderstood. He is just chillin', not harming anybody. He seems downright lazy, just hopping along in a golf course.

When he's down on all fours with his ear flopped down he might even be cute.

Spring is the time of year we get to see a lot of wildlife emerging from the woods. Apparently, this guy's been weight training all winter.

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'Roided Out Kangaroo Intimidates Brisbane Neighborhood