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Roger Raglin Talks About Conquering Fear and Calling Deer

Conquering fear may be the key to your hunting success. Just ask Roger Raglin.

In this video clip, professional hunter and TV show host Roger Raglin fields a question from a viewer about conquering fear. His answer strays a little off topic, but eventually comes around to show just how the viewer can get over his fear of calling to a deer that’s in sight.

Watch the video to see what Roger has learned through a lifetime of hunting.

“Fear is probably the greatest deterrent  in life that keeps us from moving out of our comfort zone and experiencing newer, better things, fulfilling our dreams, and even our God given destiny.” Wise words, Roger.

The fear of trying something new is what keeps most hunters doing what they’ve always been doing and experiencing similar results year after year. Whether it’s calling to deer in a different way, hunting a new area, or picking up a new weapon to open up more hunting opportunities, the best way to experience different results this hunting season is to try something new.

Get out there and take some risks this season. You might be surprised what happens.

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Roger Raglin Talks About Conquering Fear and Calling Deer