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Roe Deer Vs. Lumberjack, Guess Who Wins [VIDEO]

A brave roe deer faces off with a European lumberjack in this video.

The video, posted yesterday to LiveLeak, starts with the roe deer standing his ground in a snowy forest somewhere in Tauragė County in Lithuania as a man with an axe approaches. When the man gets too close, the deer comes forward and gives his best “Come at me bro!”

When the lumberjack gets closer, the small deer lunges at him aggressively so as to chase him off. At one point the little deer even runs the guy into the trees out of the camera shot. The video ends with the lumberjack retreating out of the woods.

That’s one brave deer considering the guy was wielding an axe. We’re glad he didn’t take any drastic measures. Here’s the video.

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Roe deer are a smaller species of European deer that thrive in colder environments. They are widely found throughout the Scandinavian region. This particular roe deer was probably tired of this guy chopping down trees in his corner of the forest.

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Roe Deer Vs. Lumberjack, Guess Who Wins [VIDEO]