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Rod Smacks Guy’s Head in the Ultimate Fishing Fail [VIDEO]

fishing fail

Think you’ve seen some good fishing fails? Add this one to the top of your list.

This angler unfortunately found himself at the wrong end of a bad fishing fail. While fishing in Florida, this group of fishermen hooked into a giant grouper.

As with all good fishing fails, this is where the story gets exciting. Check it out.

Ouch! When the line breaks and a stout pole like that flings back so fiercely, it can produce a pretty good gouge. What’s more, this guy only takes a moment to collect himself before jumping back up and splashing some sea water into his new scar. Can you say hardcore?

After a quick first aid session, the team is back at it. It’s important to always have a small first aid kit on your boat, because you never know when someone could cut themselves, bury a couple treble hooks into their hand, or get an epic beat-down from a fish.

The best part of this video is that they actually end up catching the same grouper responsible for breaking the line and whacking the angler in the face in the first place. That’s retribution.

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Rod Smacks Guy’s Head in the Ultimate Fishing Fail [VIDEO]