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The Rod and Reel to Keep in Your Vehicle [PICS]

Whether you are an avid fisherman or just a weekend warrior, it’s always a good idea to keep a rod and reel with you in your vehicle.

You never know when you’ll have an hour to kill or twenty extra minutes for a little time to go fishing. If you’ve ever been on lunch break and had an extra few minutes just to stop on the way back in, but no rod and reel in your vehicle you know my pain.

Picking the right rod and reel to keep in your car or truck can be tricky. You have to think about what species of fish you will be pursuing and equip yourself accordingly. The rod and reel you pick should ideally be five feet long or less. This ensures that you can keep the rod under your back seat, in your trunk, or in the toolbox on a full-sized truck.

A small rod doesn’t mean sacrificing strength. Remember, a little bit of rod can go a long way. I have caught many good fish on the rod I keep in my toolbox.


An excellent compact option is a Zebco Dock Demon. It is small but has plenty of fish stopping power and it is an absolute ball to catch fish with.

Another option is a Pflueger President spinning combo. At five feet long it is a larger option but the range of fish you can catch with it is much larger. This rod has plenty of backbone and will catch large fish. It’s also an excellent option for panfish.

Go to a tackle store and pick up different rods. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep the rods purpose in mind. Find something you like and put it in your vehicle and don’t take it out.

You will be surprised how satisfying it is to have an extra twenty minutes and a rod and reel with you.
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The Rod and Reel to Keep in Your Vehicle [PICS]