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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Video Short: ‘The Wallow’ [VIDEO]

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“There is no wonder why we love these animals.”

I am enamored with elk.

I’ve shared a number of short videos of elk, most recently “The Grazing,” also from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

These are simple, beautiful, restive films of generally no more than a minute or two in length. They consist of little more than regal elk moving through gorgeous landscapes, the sounds of nature and some mellow background music.

This is zen.

I’m no expert on elk behavior, but that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying and marveling at how they seem to embody an almost elegant fragility with massively impressive power and force. The bull elk shown enjoying the small wallow here seems to define those characteristics well.

He seems to be wistful in his attitude and movement as he slides his neck into the mud, while the density of his muscled weight is readily apparent as well.

He is entirely at peace with himself and his environment, and I think that feeling translates to we who watch this life moment in nature.

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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Video Short: ‘The Wallow’ [VIDEO]