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Rock Tread’s Forrest Rogers Discusses New Fly Fishing Kickstarter Campaign

Don’t you hate almost falling down while wading during fly fishing? Rock Treads stops all that.

When it comes to fly fishing, scenic destinations and beautiful places are a byproduct of the sport. Unfortunately, those same scenic streams have incredibly slippery bottoms. Almost falling down on a slippery rocks and catching your balance is just as important as mending your line.

Thankfully, Rock Treads is doing something about it.

Rock Treads is a relative newcomer to the fly fishing world. Despite being new, their flagship product couldn’t be more timeless. Fly fishermen have been falling down, or almost falling down, in rivers and streams since before Izaac Walton. By utilizing the aluminum attachable discs, your boots will literally stick to just about any river bottom you can fish.

With a name like Patrick Fulkrod backing Rock Treads, I have to admit that it definitely caught my attention.

Recently, I was able to speak with one of the owners of Rock Treads, Forrest Rogers. Immediately I wanted to know where to get Rock Treads and also, how much.

“Right now, people can “donate” on Kickstarter. Donate $40 and get the Fry set, enough for one set of boots.” Rogers said. “Retail will be $48.99. The Pickle set is $60 and retail will be $68.99. The Slob kit is $80 and will sell for $88.99.”

There are also many perks available for donating, as well.

If you are an avid fly fisherman, or just hate falling down while trying to fly fish, then you just realized how incredible these Rock Treads prices really are. If you watched that video, you also just saw how easy these are to put on your own boots before your next trip.

Right now, head over the Rock Treads KickStarter page and donate. Christmas is right around the corner. These would make an exellent gift for any fly fisherman or wade fisherman on your list. You can trust me on that.

To get some more information directly from the source, here’s all you need to know.

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Rock Tread’s Forrest Rogers Discusses New Fly Fishing Kickstarter Campaign