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Rock the Shotgun with Short Lane Adapters [VIDEO]

Terril Hebert

Short Lane adapters make the venerable shotgun even more versatile.

For the last few months I have been testing shotgun adapters made by Short Lane out of Miles City, Mont. They come in a variety of lengths, gauges, and calibers so you can shoot a variety of ammunition out of your shotgun. I find that these adapters work great for those who appreciate lower recoil, inexpensive target practice, discreet pest control without the need for a shotgun blast, and another option for the bug out bag.

Do you think these adapters fit the bill for your purposes? Here is a video of Short Lane's new "Zombie" 20 gauge to 9mm Luger three-inch adapter.

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Short Lane has a variety of adapters including long five and eight inch versions as well as rimfire and smoothbore adapters as seen below:

While shooting your shotgun with Short Lane adapters is not terribly fast it has a number of advantages, especially if you do not have a separate dedicated firearm in the caliber or gauge of your choice.

Shooting smaller gauge and caliber ammunition saves more weight in your bug out bag and the lower recoil and noise for the new shooter or homeowner looking for a way to keep pest control discreet makes adapters necessary.

Not to mention these adapters are fun and accurate. That reason alone qualifies it for my range bag.

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Rock the Shotgun with Short Lane Adapters [VIDEO]