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Rock Out with Some Handline Wahoo and a Fishing Metalhead

Watch a solo fisherman take on some wahoo with a handline, guts, and some good head-whipping rock and roll.

If you were wondering how to fill your boat with some nice wahoo, well, the answer is right here.

Using a handline has never been as animated as it is in this video. Included is a nice little song to make it all even more fun. This is how you rock out and fish at the same time.

First of all, those fish are obviously only leaving that boat at the pier and going to market. Secondly, don’t forget that the seasons and bag limits are there for everyone when you see a boat load like that.

That guy has some solid hands (gloves included) to be able to fish like that. Some of those fish barely made it to the boat before he launched them into the back; he even slammed the camera with one.

Make sure if you’re going it alone like this fisherman let someone know where you are. An outing like this one can only be a great experience if you come back safe and sound! Speaking of sound- here’s that song you were listening to.



Fishing is Strictly for Lunatics as You’ll See Right Here

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Rock Out with Some Handline Wahoo and a Fishing Metalhead