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How to Fry a Steak on a Rock [VIDEO]

If you’ve been watching “Alone” on the History Channel, you know Mitch Mitchell. He is one of the few guys left on the survival show, and he knows how to rock fry a steak.

Before Mitch Mitchell began his current stint on History Channel’s new hit show, “Alone,” he made how-to survival videos.

The show features 10 survival experts who compete to be the last man standing and win $500,000. They film themselves while out in the wilderness, surviving despite bitter cold, bears, wolves, and cougars.

This video has over a million views, and it demonstrates how to rock fry a steak in the wild.

Mitchell has remained busy and calm throughout the show, which has already seen four out of the initial 10 guys tap out.

He had a hard time finding fresh water at first. However, he made a boat out of a tarp and managed to reach a fresh water creek. He seems to be getting settled in, while others steadily drop out of the competition.

Time will tell if Mitchell has what it takes to win the money.

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How to Fry a Steak on a Rock [VIDEO]