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Robotic Replacement for Man’s Best Friend On the Way? [VIDEO]

This incredibly creepy robot “dog” is being developed by Boston Dynamics.

This pooch named “Spot” is actually an electrically powered and hydraulically actuated 160-pound robot that has sensors in its head (a brain?) to help it get around no matter where it goes.

Boston Dynamics created the gizmo, but we’re wondering when they’ll install the software that enables Spot to retrieve ducks.


The military has experimented with robots for carrying heavy loads and we know they’re always experimenting with weapon systems. This extremely interesting video shows that there is a future of this kind of technology for many uses.

Drones, making their presence known in the outdoor industry, are different from these bots, but Spot is quite interesting, possibly useful and somewhat terrifying! In the future, watching how this technology grows will prove very interesting indeed.

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Robotic Replacement for Man’s Best Friend On the Way? [VIDEO]