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Robotic Falconry: Drone Hunting for...Drones

robotic falconry

Have you ever heard of robotic falconry? Well, you have now!

Brought to you by the Human-Interactive Robotics Lab at Michigan Tech, this video illustrates the fun of robotic falconry.

As you will see, robotic falconry is the delicate art of drone hunting for other pesky drones.

That hunter drone's net caught the other drone perfectly, then it just carried it away.

Now that you've seen a compelling demonstration of robotic falconry, can you think of any useful real life applications? According to the Youtube user, this, "system offers a viable solution when force-landing or shooting the drones would jeopardize the safety."

It could be used to take down drones that are interfering with a legal hunt, or simply to stop someone from flying them in a way that could be harmful to others. At any rate, robotic falconry will have a place in today's society as these drones continue to become more commonplace.


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Robotic Falconry: Drone Hunting for...Drones