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Robotic Deer Helping to Fight Poachers in Arizona

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Poachers in Arizona will be surprised by the robotic deer now fighting against them. 

A robotic deer made to catch poachers in the act was recently unveiled by the Arizona Game and Fish Department in anticipation of the deer hunting season which begins October 23.

The robotic deer, donated by the Arizona chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation, can even turn its head from side to side.

Gabriel Paz, Law Enforcement Program Manager for Game and Fish, told reporters the deer will be placed in problem areas throughout the state. Paz added, “As soon as somebody shoots it, we’re calling out on a bullhorn.”

robotic deer

The robotic deer cost between $2,500 and $3,500, according to Terry Herndon, regional director of the Mule Deer Foundation. Herndon told reporters that poachers “like to take things the easy way.” He added that they are the “cancer of the hunting community.”

This robotic deer aims to reduce poaching in Arizona of which the Game and Fish recorded 485 cases in 2012. In 2014 the numbers jumped to 637 cases for the fiscal year.

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Robotic Deer Helping to Fight Poachers in Arizona