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The RoboFisher Lets You Fish From the Comfort of Your Couch


Have you ever caught a fish from your living room before?

If you live on a houseboat, the answer might be yes, but for most of us, the answer is no. That is, until the RoboFisher was invented.

That’s right, folks. You can now use your computer to operate a robot that will catch your fish for you. You won’t believe this video.

To summarize the product, you would pay to rent the RoboFisher out for a designated length of time. The robotic device currently operates on two lakes in central Europe where you can catch mainly carp or trout. Each unit has five rods, but you can only fish with one at a time.

You’ll fish with either a plant- or animal-based bait, depending on the season. After losing bait on all rods, it would go back to the dock to be manually re-baited. Fish would also be manually removed and weighed at the lake by a RoboFisher employee. Basically, you’re paying to watch a fishing bobber on a live web-camera.

The site claims that 50 percent of people who use RoboFisher catch four fish in two hours. Now if you’ve got absolutely nothing else going on or if your fishing trip was cancelled and you still really want to fish, this might be a good option.

As for myself, I’d rather go out even in inclement weather to physically catch fish instead of this route.

However, I also see how this could be the beginning of easing technology-hungry children into the sport of fishing. Perhaps if it feels like a video game to them, they would give it a try and eventually want to do the real thing.

What do you think? Will you be signing up to use the RoboFisher? Or does it not really float your boat, so to speak?

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The RoboFisher Lets You Fish From the Comfort of Your Couch