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Robo-Deer in Missouri Helps Catch a Poacher Red-Handed

With the help of a robo-deer, the Missouri Department of Conservation officials catch poachers in the act.

This raw footage illustrates just how effective a robo-deer can be when placed in the right areas.

The poachers in this raw footage get what they deserve, and you won’t believe how stupid they look.

Robo-deer are one of the many lines of defense wildlife officials use in the fight against poachers. Learn how you can help by contacting your local conservation agency.

Can you believe that first guy kept firing after the official pulled up right behind him in his truck? It’s obvious that guy was determined to get that robo-deer.

Now that  you’ve seen a couple examples of people getting caught, let this be a reminder that robo-deer can help catch poachers.


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Robo-Deer in Missouri Helps Catch a Poacher Red-Handed