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Robber Learns the Hard Way Crime's Tough When Everyone is Armed

concealed firearms

When good guys have guns, the bad guys are powerless. 

In a rather shocking clip coming out of Brazil, an armed robber was stopped dead in his tracks when he quickly learned that everyone around him had a gun.

One simple misstep on the robber's part by dropping his gun is all the good guys needed. As you are about to see, they pulled their concealed firearms and ended the robbery before it even began.


This video should be played in every gun store across America. There is no reason to pull a gun unless you are willing to use it. The only time you should ever pull a gun is if you are in threat for your life. In this case, the rules were true and the robber is left dead on the convenience store floor.

Brazil has fairly strict gun laws. Concealed carry is not legal except for law enforcement. Guns are actually not allowed outside of the home and fees have to be paid every couple years just to keep one. Therefore, one has to guess that the men in this gas station were all off-duty cops. Other than that, with the homicide rate so high in that country, maybe the citizens are deciding to protect themselves instead of relying on the government.

If that was the case, thankfully, it worked out for them.


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Robber Learns the Hard Way Crime's Tough When Everyone is Armed