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How to Roast a Wild Hog Louisiana Style

Have you ever wondered how to roast a wild hog? Well, you came to the right place.

Watch as Kinion Bankston from Southern Boyz Outdoors shows us how to roast a wild hog Cajun style. Kinion and his friends have been hunting and trapping a bunch of wild hogs in south Louisiana lately, and this is one of their favorite ways to cook some of the smaller hogs they bag.

Watch the video to learn just how they like to roast a wild hog down in south Louisiana.

Now that looks like a tasty meal! In my opinion, wild hog is the best tasting pork around and a young hog roasted until the meat is literally falling off the bones is about as good as it gets.

My mouth is watering after watching this video! What about you?

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How to Roast a Wild Hog Louisiana Style