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Roaming Lion in Urban Wisconsin Mauls Stray Cat [VIDEO]

Reports of a lion in Wisconsin roaming the streets of Milwaukee persist as a stray cat has been found mauled to death in the area.

Residents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin have continued to report sightings of a large cat said to possibly be a lion.

While police cannot confirm this at this time, they are continuing to be vigilant none the less.

Reports of a lion in a major urban area are unusual, but not unheard of. Wildcats in the state of Wisconsin have been reported for many years, but only a few cases were ever confirmed.

Now with the report of a domestic cat being mauled to death, citizens and police are on the alert.

Said one resident:

We tried to get the kids in, and get the house pets in. It’s kind of scary.

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Roaming Lion in Urban Wisconsin Mauls Stray Cat [VIDEO]