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New Hunting Documentary ‘The River’s Divide’

What lengths would you go to in order to get your ultimate buck?

The River’s Divide” is a new feature-length documentary from Sicmanta Media that explores one man’s two-year pursuit to take his ultimate buck.

Master bowman Donnie Vincent has an obsession: a deer he’s nicknamed Steve. Vincent discovered Steve six years prior to hunting him on a ranch in the Badlands of South Dakota.

After six years of patiently waiting for the buck to reach maturity, Vincent sets out on a two-year pursuit to track and take him down.

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“The River’s Divide” masterfully captures Vincent’s passion and intensity as a hunter, along with the emotional turmoil he undergoes in pursuit of his prized buck. Throughout the film he describes his focus and intensity:

“This is no longer about the hunt, this is something much bigger,” says Vincent in the film. “I was lost, and I didn’t want to admit it.”

Here’s the fantastic trailer for the movie:

The documentary is a must-see for any devoted bow hunter. “The River’s Divide” does an excellent job depicting the crisp snowy landscapes of the Badlands along with Vincent’s sheer intensity and emotion throughout the hunt, making the viewer feel as though they are alongside him the entire time.

If you have ever wanted to delve into the mind of a deeply focused and passionate hunter, check out “The River’s Divide.”

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The film runs approximately 46 minutes.

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New Hunting Documentary ‘The River’s Divide’