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River Surfing: Riding Inland Waves in Montana [VIDEO]

From China’s Qintang River to the Platte River here in the United States, the surf’s up and inland surfers are riding the waves.

River boarding has developed into river surfing with specially designed boards and a dedicated following.

Practiced on six of the seven continents, river surfing is a burgeoning sport and promises to continue growing.

While not every river is a good candidate for surfing, there are plenty throughout the world.  Some of the best include the Amazon River with 13-foot swells; the Qintang River showing 30-foot waves; and even the Snake River near Jackson, Wyoming has large enough waves for a day of surfing.

Grab a board and head out. You don’t need an ocean, just a few waves.

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River Surfing: Riding Inland Waves in Montana [VIDEO]