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River Guide Catches Monster 11-Foot, 100-Year-Old Sturgeon

CTV News Vancouver

This 11-foot long sturgeon may have been 100 years old. 

One fishing guide in British Columbia has caught one of the biggest sturgeon you will likely ever see.

Steve Kaye was working a charter on the Fraser River on May 28 when he hooked into a true dinosaur, an 11.2 foot long monster estimated to be around 750 pounds. Learn more about this amazing fish story in the video below.

Now that's what you call a true river monster! The monstrous fish was landed after an epic two-hour long battle. Upon first being hooked, the sturgeon went on a 200 yard run. Somehow the anglers were able to boat this beast despite the fish jumping, and a handle breaking off the reel at one point.

"I've hooked several giants before but they're just so big that you lose them," Kaye told CTV News Vancouver. "They'll break the line because they're so big and powerful."

Once they finally landed this monster, the anglers realized they had inadequate gear to record the size of their catch. "My tape measure is only 10 feet long - and there was another 14 inches after that," Kaye told the station.

In case you're wondering how this fish compares to the average sturgeon in the Fraser River, most there are between five and seven feet. Kaye estimates his massive catch may have been 100 years old or more.

Perhaps the coolest part of this whole story is the fact the anglers released the monster to fight again. "It was a true dinosaur," Kaye told the station. "This sturgeon was here long before us and will probably still be here long after we're gone."

Congrats to Kaye and the others for a true fishing story of a lifetime!


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River Guide Catches Monster 11-Foot, 100-Year-Old Sturgeon