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Enjoy Florida Key Deer from a Distance, Please [VIDEO]

The unique Florida Key deer need to be protected, but they don’t need your help.

This species of deer is indigenous to one place on earth: the Florida Keys. Being unique to the lower Florida Keys, these deer are one of a few species that have such a small range.

Key deer can lose their natural fear of humans and will even approach people. Though it might seem like a good idea at the time, feeding these deer will only cause problems by putting them at risk for things like disease and dog attacks.

The Florida Key deer are a beautiful and calm animal. They use no less than 100 different types of native plants to subsist in the only place that they call home.

If they were to be fed by people, they would likely begin to congregate in large groups making them susceptible to large outbreaks of illness.

Since they are quite capable of surviving without us, and have for millennia, let’s observe their beauty from a distance.

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Enjoy Florida Key Deer from a Distance, Please [VIDEO]