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The Rise of Mounted Archery, the Most Exciting Form of the Sport [VIDEO]


The ancient sport of mounted archery is alive and well.

Enjoy one of the more visually impressive videos you will see of archers riding horses at a fast trot while releasing arrows with keen accuracy.

I dare say that the sport of mounted archery appears to be growing around the world. More clubs, competitions and exhibitions seem to be showing up all the time. Video, such as this artful piece of work, will surely only serve to make the sport even more widely known. Many of the scenes in this film are magnificent.

I do not speak the language of the text on this video, but an online translator indicates that this is a film of a competition that took place in Poland this past September. The athleticism on display here is incredibly impressive.

I am compelled to think of some of our own First Nations people of more than a hundred years ago – the Comanche, Sioux and others – who were arguably the greatest mounted archers the world has ever known.

Will we someday see a return to that high level of skill and athleticism, where warriors could accurately release arrows from under a horse’s neck while riding at full gallop?

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The Rise of Mounted Archery, the Most Exciting Form of the Sport [VIDEO]