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The Rise of Girls Who Hunt and Fish

These girls who hunt and fish are taking the industry by storm. 

If you haven't already noticed, women are making major strides in the male-dominated sports of fishing and hunting. If the results of the trend from the ATA 2015, and soon-to-happen SHOT show will be any indicator, the big manufactures are taking notice of the girls who hunt and fish, and in a big way.

The following lists are in no particular order, however, it seems impossible to throw a mouse click across any fishing or hunting social media platform and not see their names somewhere on the page. Congrats ladies on your success. Here's to nothing but the best for 2015.


1. Brooke Thomas

This girl who fishes is just about everywhere right now. She fishes saltwater, and bowfishes in-between. You can see her on TV just as soon as she is on another magazine cover. Don't let the looks fool you. She is a legit fisherwoman.

Facebook/Brooke Thomas


2. Nikki Boxler 

If you don't know who Nikki Boxler is, you probably will soon. She has been turning heads in both fishing and hunting. Be on the lookout!

Twitter/Nicole Linsay


3. April Vokey

I've been telling you all about April Vokey for a while now. I'm telling you again, she will be the next big thing in fishing.



4. Darcizzle Offshore

This lady is all over Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Just click her name and you will see for yourself. She can out-fish just about everybody, and films herself doing it.

Facebook/Darcizzle Offshore


5. Jessica Jae

It's hard to look at fish pictures on Instagram without coming across a photo of Jessica Jae. She runs her own website all about fishing, and even has her own video channel on YouTube.

Facebook/Jessica Jae



1. Eva Shockey

I don't think introductions are necessary. She is the undisputed queen of the hunting world.

Facebook/Eva Shockey


2. Christine Pulliam

As a full-time promotional model and outdoorswoman, Christine will be on a television near you soon.

Twitter/Christine Pulliam


3. Carrie Zylka

The Heavy Metal Huntress, as she is known to her massive Twitter following, runs her own website, until the big time calls.

carrie Z
Twitter/Carrie Z


4. Haley Heath

As the host of the television show "Family Traditions" on the Sportsman Channel, Haley's arrow is only pointing up.

Twitter/Haley Heath


5. Nadine Ellen Keris

As the CEO of Archery Angles, and on multiple hunting pro-staffs, Nadine is going places in the hunting world.

Twitter/Nadine Ellen Keris


By all means, these women are not the only big names in the hunting and fishing industry. Far from it. The male-dominated outdoors world is going to be making plenty of room for outdoorswomen, and soon.

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The Rise of Girls Who Hunt and Fish