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Ripsaw EV-2 is the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

The Ripsaw is what you get when a military tank marries a dune buggy.

This thing is a trip! We've never seen a tank-like vehicle move so smoothly and quickly, or with such agility. In the video the Ripsaw glides and slides and maneuvers across a frozen lake, through woodland trails and fields. It plows through thick snow and underbrush as if it were just cruising along at high speed on a blacktop highway. What a gas it must be to drive this thing!

Top Gear describes the Ripsaw EV-2 as a vehicle that "looks like a fuselage from outer space, two whopping great tank tracks - with adjustable pneumatic suspension - and a mid-mounted 650bhp blown V8, it resembles nothing so much as Sir Killalot's daily driver."

The Ripsaw is the SUV that Skynet would have created for Arnold Schwarzenegger-like cyborgs to hunt down humans. In a word, the Ripsaw is just plain cool.

The vehicle was created by Howe & Howe Technologies. H&H is famous for its extreme vehicles production, including the Extreme 4x4 Firetruck and the Ripchair Off-Road Wheelchair (how sweet is that!) that use similar track system technology.

I don't know what application a vehicle like this might have for the outdoorsman, other than rolling across the frozen tundra like a hot knife through butter, but man, it sure looks like a riot of fun.

Then again, there is that zombie apocalypse thing that we all know is coming (wink)...


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Ripsaw EV-2 is the Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle