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RinseKit Wins Best Accessory of 2015 at ICast [VIDEO]

RinseKit is the coolest new accessory of the year for all kinds of outdoor activities. 

There are so many utilities for this small box. Do you ever get frustrated when you track dirt, mud, or sand into your boat, car or, house?

There are many outdoor activities where you need to rinse off your gear whether it be your mountain bike, fishing gear, or boots.

Check out the RinseKit.

The RinseKit is a portable shower head that can hold up to two gallons of water and hold a pressurized stream of water for four minutes. There is no battery or pumping required

The uses for this little box of water are endless.

That’s probably why they won Best New Accessory at ICast 2015.

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RinseKit Wins Best Accessory of 2015 at ICast [VIDEO]