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A Ringside Seat to a Grizzly Bear Fight [VIDEO]

This grizzly bear fight is all about breeding rights. What else would cause these big boys to go at it?

Wildlife videographer Brad Josephs witnessed this grizzly bear fight on the Alaska Peninsula.

Check out the clip and watch what most people miss.

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Dangerous Game Charges

Alaskan coastal grizzly bears, also known as brown bears, grow larger than their interior cousins. Though technically the same species, coastal bears have access to annual salmon runs and vegetation that is unavailable farther inland.

This grizzly bear fight was filmed during the mating season, which occurs from May to July.

Adult males, like the ones in this video, are particularly aggressive and are avoided by females and juveniles outside the breeding season.

To avoid getting into a grizzly bear fight of your own, give bears a wide berth. If you do find yourself in an altercation with an angry grizzly, pepper spray has been found to be the most effective deterrent, working in 92 percent of reported incidents.

Firearms can also be used to ward off grizzly bears. A 12 gauge shotgun with slugs has proven the most effective.

Other precautions, such as cooking at least 100 feet away from your camp and properly disposing of waste, can limit the possibility of attracting grizzly bears in the first place.

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A Ringside Seat to a Grizzly Bear Fight [VIDEO]