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Rihanna Looks Way Better Fishing Than You Do [PICS]


We may fancy ourselves to be the sexiest of anglers, but no matter how hot or not we might be, Rihanna looks way better than we do in a boat with a rod in hand.

The singing superstar recently impressed her Instagram followers by posting captured moments from a recent fishing trip she took while vacationing in Hawaii.

Ever stylish in a Puma ensemble, red hair and black lipstick, Rihanna successfully landed her lunch when she reeled in one of Hawaii’s famous mahi-mahi.

It can get pretty warm out on the tropical seas, and Rihanna looked smokin’ hot as she fished for mahi in a bikini top and camo hat.

Wouldn’t you love to be the mahi hooked by this 27-year-old beauty? He may be facing an uncertain demise, but at least that’s one fish that’s going on with a smile on its face.

Apparently, Rihanna’s affection for Mr. Mahi was short-lived, as she soon enjoyed him in a fabulous sashimi lunch.

Keep fishing, Rihanna, and keep posting those pics for fellow anglers to enjoy!

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Rihanna Looks Way Better Fishing Than You Do [PICS]